Glass Block Replacement in Chicago, IL

Glass blocks are a beautiful way to dress up your home or business. Unfortunately, like all types of walls, they may become damaged or simply age in a way that requires repair. Glass Block Factory is your trusted glass block repair business in Chicago, IL.

Don’t let your glass blocks sit damaged for long, give us a call at (773) 804-9494 and we will repair your glass blocks to look like new.

Glass Block Replacement

Luckily, if one of the glass blocks in your wall has chips or cracks in it, or if it is completely broken, we likely won’t have to replace the entire wall. While glass blocks are built upon each other, they have more than gravity holding them together. Our experienced team has the training and know-how to properly remove the damaged block without damaging any of the surrounding blocks.

The process usually involves reinforcing the surrounding blocks in order to ensure they are as structurally sound as possible. We then remove the mortar around the broken glass block until we are able to effectively remove the broken glass block.

We then slide a new glass block into the gap and carefully place mortar around the block once more. Once dried, your glass block wall should be just as structurally sound as before. Our single-block replacements are great if one of your blocks has accidental damage.

If your glass blocks are deteriorating due to old age, you will want to consider an entire glass block wall replacement. If you would like a new look or simply need to replace an aging glass block wall, we are also highly skilled and capable of replacing many glass block pieces.

Whether you would like glass block installation or need your blocks replaced, Glass Block Factory can help you. To view some of the projects we have done, please visit our gallery page. For more information or to schedule an appointment with us, you message us on our contact page.


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