Choosing Glass Block Patterns

Choosing glass block patterns in Chicago comes down to 3 simple qualities. Privacy, light transparency, and personal preference. Privacy defines how much can be seen through the glass block pattern. More privacy is preferred for areas that you would not want people to see, such as bathrooms. Light transparency defines the amount of light that comes through the glass block. More light transparency is preferred for basements and kitchens where brightness is always appreciated. The final choice comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the look of some glass block patterns over the functionality, and base their choice of glass block pattern on that.

The 4 Most Popular Glass Block Patterns

The 4 most popular glass block patterns in Chicago are the Nubio (Wavy), Aktis (Diamond), Ice, and Clear. The Nubio (Wavy) glass block pattern is the most common. As the name describes, the glass block has a wavy flow to it, and can be seen almost anywhere.

The Aktis (Diamond) glass block pattern is the more private block, and is the second most common. This one is divided into diamonds, and each diamond has a bubble inside of it to distort the image seen.

The Ice glass block pattern is slowly rising in popularity because of its look. The Ice pattern looks exactly how it sounds, as if the glass has been frozen over. It offers the most privacy.

The last pattern, Clear, is common for areas that need all the light possible, such as window wells. As the name says, the Clear glass block pattern is completely clear.


Installing Glass Block Patterns

The 3 things that you need to know about installing glass block patterns in Chicago are: the type of pattern you want, the size of the window, and the assembly material. The type of pattern depends on the application or on personal preference. The size of the window determines the cost and functionality of the window. The assembly material can be either silicone or cement. The choice comes down to where the window will be. Each assembly material has benefits.

Your Glass Block Experts

Finally, when it comes to choosing the glass block experts in Chicago, don’t hesitate to reach out to Glass Block Factory. For more specific information on choosing glass block patterns, please email or call us at (773)804-9494.